It´s all about the trends! Have you thought about what you will wear for PROM? Let´s talk about some of the PROM Trends for 2023!

First: Lace. Who doesn´t love lace? And even better when it has glitter on it!

What a dream!  This Strapless Lace Fitted Gown with overskirt.  This is one of our top choices.  Not only does it have a fine sew glittery lace all over but it also comes with an overskirt that gives the dress a perfect upgrade!

Find it at the store in different shades.

Fitted Dresses!

There is a wide selection of fitted dresses for this season. This Stretch mermaid gown with lace-up back is one of our favorites!


Is everything you need to make a bold entrance and at the same time show off your curves in this beautiful satin fabric dress. So, silhouette flattering. 

And we can´t forget about the A-line dresses that will always be classic but seriously, look at this stunning Lace A-Line Gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves!

Imagine dancing the night away with this magical dress like out of a movie with its romantic embellished corset and beautiful glitter applications.

Perfect for a PROM Queen!

These are just a few selections of our 2023 PROM Collection, so go ahead and check the whole collection out!

If you have any questions on any specific model, please call: 503-786-6191 or send us an email with your inquiries.