Are there any guidelines for a First Holy Communion Dress?

As we go onto the internet looking for the perfect Holy Communion dress, we look for trends and comfort, but are we forgetting something? Are there any guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to finding a First Communion Dress?

Here are our thoughts!

It is true that nowadays churches aren´t too strict about this (but this always depends on each church’s guidelines), so most of the time sleeveless dresses are not a problem.

The first thing is that Communion dresses look tidy and modest and it is always best to avoid short skirts and low necklines you can find so many sleeveless options that are modest and cute

Can First Communion Dresses be Ivory?

Most of the time we see off-white dresses and this is because traditionally white clothing is used to symbolize purity in the Christian Religion, and for this specific event it represents the purity of transformation that takes place during the ceremony.

However, many modern churches are a bit less strict about having only off-white dresses and slight variations of white like cream, ivory, and even pink are acceptable. (Check out our Holy Communion collection for ideas).

But if you are still not sure which type of model to choose from, you can first ask your church if there are any specific guidelines to be followed so you have a better idea of what to pick. Once this is done then you are ready to go shopping with your little girl to find the perfect dress.

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