With PROM around the corner, so many questions come into our minds but surely the most important one is: what to Wear?

If you are torn between wearing a suit or a tuxedo, you must know the differences first. Suits are a little less formal than tuxedos but are not casual. Men’s suits are commonly worn to special events like prom, weddings, important meetings, and black-tie events.

Suits are considered more versatile than tuxedos and the main difference between one and another is the satin trimming as well as the accessories.

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Overall, tuxedos are usually intended for more formal events.

Tuxedos are worn with a bowtie and a waist cover that usually matches the bowtie. Fancier trimmings are also a must, tuxedos have satin trimming on the lapels and are worn with more formal shirts.

And finally, tuxedos require a dressier and more elegant pair of shoes.

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So now that you know the most important difference between a tux and a suit, you are now ready to pick your best outfit for PROM.

 Come pick the best option for you today and let´s make great PROM memories together!